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At Legacy Endurance, we believe that running has a much greater impact, far beyond just the physical benefits......and trust us that list is long too!  

We understand the power running can have in transforming your mind, and stretch your thinking beyond what you believe is possible in your life right now.  

As you challenge yourself and push beyond the perceived limitations you think exist, you subconsciously develop a mindset of greatness that transcends across all areas of your life.  

We've helped countless people not only run their best, but live their best as well, and would love the opportunity to help you find your true potential.  We work will athletes of all levels, and have only one must be willing to find your limit. 

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Will we help you run your best?....Absolutely!  But we're obsessed in doing way more than that.  We believe that through running, not only can you transform your body, but you can also transform your mind.  If you're ready to find out what you're really capable of, we're ready to take you there.

Killer Coaching.
Motivation for Miles.


When you work with a running coach, the likelihood of success sky rockets.  Maximize every run, reduce injuries, and be held accountable by someone that has been in your running shoes!

Custom Plans. Access Anywhere.


We use world class software that allows you and your coach to track every mile.  Workouts are available online and on your smartphone so you'll always be ready to run.

Run Your Best.
Put Injuries Behind You.


Your plan will be focused on 3 key principles: Fitness, Efficiency and Strength. We help you develop at a pace that maximizes your results and minimizes your risk of injury.





We don't just create custom running plans, we inspire, equip and transform you.  Working with Legacy Endurance, you will build speed, efficiency and confidence that follows you everywhere.......we promise!


"Training with Ian at Legacy Endurance has been a life changer, it has trained me to run more efficiently and with greater speeds and endurance.  Ian keeps me motivated and has pushed me to become a better runner. I am so grateful for the training Legacy Endurance has offered me".


"With Coach Ian's guidance, I was able to set both half and full marathon PRs. His custom training plan was tailored to my goals and took into account my busy schedule as a mom of three! Ian's knowledge and encouragement took my running to a whole new level"!



"I signed up with Ian wanting to learn to run and have accountability. I learned  that  its not about speed but more about form and running efficiency. Speed will come in time. To this day I still learn something new every time we get together. Thank you Ian for all your knowledge, it has truly made me a better runner".


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