16 Week Plan - $79.99

This 16 week 10K program is designed for intermediate or experienced runners looking to improve run fitness, while building speed and strength.  A diverse set of proven workouts ranging from easy runs to speed work, will help you to not only build aerobic capacity, but have you running your best.  You will receive a personalized pace chart to help you effectively complete each run according to your fitness level.

The program is designed to safely build your mileage and allow your body to adapt, however we recommend this plan for individuals that have some past running experience or are starting with a good base fitness level.  At the end of 16 weeks, you will be ready to race a 10K.

Program Sample

What you get with the plan:

- Free Access to Training Peaks Software 

- 16 Week 10K Program with workout tips.

- Video with fundamental stride exercises. 

- 4 to 5 workouts each week. 

- Personalized Pace Chart

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