If you're looking for a running plan that was built by a pro and road tested by athletes just like you, then our pre-designed plans may be just the ticket.  Each of the plans on this page are created with a specific goal distance in mind and adapt to your specific fitness level.  

Looking to train on your own and only have a one time cost?.......Here you go. 



Complete Multi Week Running Plan

Each of our pre-built plans are complete, meaning you will have every workout mapped out in detail all the way up to race day.  Our plans are built with a variety of run workouts, each meticulously selected and designed to provide you with the maximum benefit in a safe and controlled way, in order to minimize risk of injury. We balance the volume of training stress with just the right amount of recovery to keep you in your best shape.

Take Your Running Plan Everywhere

As a Legacy Endurance athlete, you will have free access to our Training Peaks software, a world class endurance training system.  This is where you will find all of your workouts, described in clear detail.  Training peaks is accessible on desktop and mobile, so you will never have to worry about knowing what your next workout is.  

Custom Pace Chart

All of our plans include a variety of run workouts, such as Easy Runs, Long Runs, Speed Work, Fartleks, & Hills, that you will encounter over the course of your training cycle.  Each of these workouts should be ran at different paces that align with your goal and current fitness level.  At the start of your program you will receive a custom pace chart based exclusively on where you're starting from and your level of running experience. 

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