Your running plan is like an omelette

If you've never worked with a running coach before, theres a good chance that you're putting your workouts together like you make an omelette on Sunday mornings.

Now you might be thinking "Sweet, I love my omelettes"! But lets just stop and think about how you really put it together on the grill. Chances are if you're like most, you stand with the fridge door open in your bunny slippers pulling out anything that looks remotely appetizing. Check the cheese, make sure its not fuzzy, grab some ham from last nights dinner, maybe some tomatoes, milk......oh never mind it smells bad, put it back. Definitely some green onion and anything else that looks like it would mix in with the eggs. Put it all together and hope like crazy you can actually make it look like an omelette and not scrambled eggs when you go to flip it.

Ok so you may be asking what in the world do eggs and running have to do with each other. Well stick with me and I'll make this come to a point....I promise.

When ever I work with rookie runners and even athletes that have trained on their own for some time, I see a very common theme in how people train. They usually have a basic understanding of some of the various running workouts available to them, but no idea on how to most effectively put it together. Flying by the seat of your pants might work for breakfast, but if you're looking to level up your running, go faster, farther and avoid injury, then its critical your plan is well thought out.

Whenever I build a plan for my athletes, I create the right balance of workouts that align with not only the primary race goal, but current fitness levels, past injuries, running experience and training environment. A good plan needs to adapt with the runner, meaning it can't be a "set it and forget it" approach. Just like you may reach for a dash of salt here, I will look to spice up your plan on the fly to make sure the end result turns out perfect.

When you use a pre-build plan, an app from your phone, a running buddies advise, or just head out the door without a plan, you're headed for disaster. Thats why seeking the advice and knowledge of a running coach is such a key investment if you really want to run your best.

Do yourself a favour - Stick with breakfast and leave your running plan up to a pro!

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