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running plan

You will have a customized running program designed for you each month. This is not a cookie cutter plan, this is a hand built program, designed by Head Coach, Ian Aman.  


You will work directly with Coach Ian, who will oversee your training and provide you with regular support that will get you ready for your next race or simply just take your running to the next level.

group training

Included with your plan is weekly group coaching in Airdrie. Coach instructed sessions focus on running technique, drills and interval training that will develop your speed and conditioning. 

free shoes

We want you to run your best so we've partnered with Gord's Running Store. All new sign-ups in May will receive a free pair of shoes and gait assessment from the pro himself!

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Frequently asked questions





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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the program?

This full custom running program is $199/month

Is there a minimum time commitment?

We ask for a 2 month commitment up front to be accepted as a Legacy Endurance Athlete. Generally we find our athletes train with us for longer periods of time, but you are free to go month to month after that.

Does it matter what level of runner I am?

Not at all. We love working with runners of all levels. Our only requirement is that you come with committment, determination and a desire to improve. If you've got that, we can work with you! Simply fill out the form on this page, and we'll set up a call with you to discuss the details.

How do I get my free shoes?

After your initial phone call and once you've signed up, you will receive a letter/certificate that you can take to Gords Running Room in Calgary to get your new shoes. You will receive a Gait Assessment and professional fitting to ensure you're in the perfect pair of shoes. *Price limit of $150CAD

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