Video Stride Analysis

Record Yourself Running

Look for a great open path or track where you can capture clear video of yourself running. Provide video shot from the front, the side and the back.  

Upload Your Files

You will find a box on this page where you can safely and securely upload your files.  Once received our coaches will begin to review and prepare your report. 

Receive Your Assessment

Your review will include an HD quality video using your submitted clips returned to you within 5 - 7 business days.  A link to your video will be emailed, with a complete breakdown of your stride, slow motion animation and audio feedback from one of our coaches.  A written summary with tips, and suggestions will also be included with your video. 

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Video Stride Analysis - $79 

Why Stride matters

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Did you know that despite running being a natural human movement, most people are not effective at it?  Poor posture, mechanics, and muscle imbalances can contribute to a poor running stride.  Why does this matter?  When you are not running efficiently you increase the risk of injury as your body tries to compensate for the weakness.  Speed is also lost by improper execution and running form, forcing you to work harder to cover ground. 

Take the first step in transforming your run with a Video Stride Analysis by Legacy Endurance.  

Step One - Record Your Run

  1. Using a smartphone or HD Video Camera record yourself running.  For best results find an open area or running track and take friend to work the camera. 

  2. Take 3 short videos, 30 - 45 seconds each from the following angles: Front, Side and behind.  Be sure that the video is close up and your full body and feet are in frame. 

  3. Ensure your video is captured in HD quality if possible for best results.

  4. Save your video files using your last name.                        Example - ""

  5. Check out the example video to the left for more info. 

Step Two - Upload Your Videos

  1. Using the upload box to the left, click the "Add a File" box to add your 3 video files. (Front, Back & Side)

  2. Enter your email address (required) and click send. 

  3. NOTE - Acceptable video formats are: .MOV, .MP4, .M4V

  4. Click "Buy Now" below and submit payment.  



Step Three - Video Assessment

  1. You will receive your personalized video with coach commentary and animated graphics to highlight key focus areas.

  2. A written report will be sent via email, with a summary of key findings, areas to focus on, and tips and drills you can implement into your training. 

  3. Your video will be sent via private Youtube link that is yours to keep and share as you like. 

  4. After making your payment, please allow 5 - 7 Business days to receive your assessment  

Frequently asked questions

What type of video will I receive back?

You will receive a private link to a Youtube video, where your assessment will be found. Only you will be able to view this and you're welcome to share it with others as you like.

What types of things will you review when analysing my video?

We will provide feedback on the major components of your running stride, which inlcudes, Foot strike, Hip position, Shoulders, Arm swing, Posture, and overall observations on your tecnique.

How do I receive my feedback?

In your video, we record illustrations and coach voice overs to explain exactly what we're seeing when you run. In addition to the video, you will also receive a wrtten summary, which includes your results, tips, plus drills/exercises you can implement right away.

What if I'm having trouble uploading my video?

If you're having any technical challenges, feel free to email us at

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